Nov 1, 2009

Shopping Day

Yesterday Jon and I left the house at 10:30 and didn’t get home until 4:30! It was a long but productive day. We were doing great on time until 2:30 when we hit major traffic in north Austin…I officially do not ever want to live in north Austin, I think the traffic may have just been normal Saturday traffic, awful!

Our first stop was Target, we checked out cribs and decided we like the dark wood color of a more expensive one, of course. We picked a few other things and then headed up north. We were headed for Ikea, but decided to stop by the outlet  mall first (mainly because I told Jon to exit too late for Ikea…opps). We browsed through some baby clothes stores and picked up some hot drinks at Starbucks. At Ikea we looked at the dressers that I really liked online. Unfortunately the color of the dark wood is more black and the crib we like is more brown, so they don’t match. Sigh, I really like the dresser at Ikea. Its the perfect size and price. Oh well, I have some decisions to make.

We also found a chair and ottoman that we both like at Ikea. I think it would look great in Aedan’s room and once he doesn’t need a chair in his room, it will fit perfectly in our bedroom reading nook. So now I have a question for all you moms…how important is it for us to have a chair that rocks? Here is the chair that we like

0096926_PE237075_S3 It’s super comfortable, but it doesn’t rock. Any opinions?

From Ikea we went to REI, just because we like everything there. I picked out this cute little outfit for Aedan. It was on clearance and it should work for us next summer/early fall.


Our last stop was Costco, we decided to go to the north store since we were in the area. This is where we ran into tons of traffic. Even the Costco parking lot was super full. I think we were both ready to be done and pretty frustrated with all the traffic. The one good thing about the trip was that Costco finally brought back the doggie stuffed animals that Hiro loves! We bought two packs so that we can save some for Hiro’s Christmas gifts. :)

Last night we just relaxed at home and handed out candy to all our neighborhood kids.

Today I have a little bit of homework to do and then I am going to go shopping for materials for a new craft project. I am so excited that I am finally feeling better and I have no more studying to do!! Bring on craft time! :)



We're Expecting! said...

Congrats on the exciting news! I am so happy for you. Isn't the shopping fun? Oh and I love the name you picked out! :)

Mrs Bee said...

Any day with a trip to Ikea is the best day :D

I have the Ikea ektorp sofa's...the arm chair is mine...and it is the most comfy chair ever!

The Haynes Family said...

we have had a great experience with our glider, but Jackson has gone through periods during which he wouldn't let us rock him to sleep sitting down. He would cry and cry until we stood up to rock him. It's nice to be able to rock him while nursing though, it really helps him fall asleep when he's had an especially tough night.

I'll always have a glider in our nursery, but it's up to ya'll and what you think is best for your family :)

Bonnie said...

Dad (Pop) and I (Nonnie) can hardly wait to meet our first grandchild and the first boy in our immediate family! He will be one very special little boy to have such two wonderful parents! I can see him now pushing a soccer ball around before he walks!

Advice about the chair: a rocker is a life-saver; sometimes it is so relaxing for you and the baby. We used ours all the time with both of you. Babies love to rock!