Nov 9, 2009


Well I should find out how I did on my comprehensive exams this week. I had a meeting with one of my professors over the weekend and she let us know that everyone was supposed to be finished grading the questions by this morning. Each question is graded by 3 professors, if at least 2 pass you then you pass the question.

My professor said that the dean will be going through and figuring out who passed and who failed today. This afternoon, he is supposed to email the people who have failed a question (or more) and are graduating. So I guess if I don’t hear anything from him this afternoon, that’s good news. :) If I did fail a question, I will get to go back and retake it on the 20th, so at least it is not a complete all or nothing thing.

I feel pretty good about all my answers, but you never know. All the questions have multiple right answers and a lot depends on opinions. I guess I’ll just keep hoping not to get an email today.


***Update***I just checked my school email account and I didn’t get an email from the dean. Hopefully that’s a good sign! :)

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