Nov 23, 2009

Thanksgiving Break

I am officially on Thanksgiving break! I had a session today and now I’m off for the rest of the week. No class, no therapy sessions, no homework, just time off with family!

For the most part our Christmas decorations are up (pictures soon)! Tomorrow I have a doctors appointment and then I think I will start my Christmas shopping. :)

Jon is working late tonight, so I am getting comfortable on the couch and watching My Sister’s Keeper. I never got around to seeing it in the theaters, but it is one of my favorite books. I know the movie won’t to the book justice, but I still have been wanting to watch it.



Chelsa said...

can't wait to see your christmas decor! i read the book sisters keeper before it was ever popular- I've resisted watching the movie, b/c i think books made into movies never really do the book justice... i do kinda want to see it (shh don't tell!) lol.

good luck at your appt- can't wait to hear that update! i finished my christmas shopping last night! i am so glad to be done!

enjoy your short week! today is my last day of work this week! yay!

Nicki and Mathis said...

love the holiday look on your blog! :) i preset a lot of my posts -- it's a great feature!!