Dec 7, 2009

Birthday Weekend Wrap Up

I had a great birthday weekend!

Friday night Jon and I just hung around the house and had a relaxing evening together.

Jon had to get up early and drive to Houston for work on Saturday. I slept in and then straightened up the house before meeting a friend for lunch. After lunch I got a bunch of Christmas shopping done. We still have a few more gifts to buy but we are just about done. :) When I got home I spent the evening wrapping presents and addressing Christmas cards. Jon was able to come home Saturday night so he could be here for my birthday on Sunday.

Sunday morning Jon had a soccer game at 8 am. I thought about going, but once I realized it was raining and only in the 30s, I decided against it. I just laid around until Jon got home and the he made me breakfast. We had a relaxing morning and then went out to do some shopping before going out to dinner. We ate at BJ’s Brewery so I could have a Pizookie, yum!!

All and all it was a great birthday weekend. Now it’s back to work; at least there are only 3 more weeks until Christmas!!



Nicki and Mathis said...

glad you had a great birthday weekend!!! :)

The Haynes Family said...

Happy Birthday Lauren!! Sounds like you had a lot of fun :)

Brittney said...

happy birthday! ps. your little boy's name is so cute!

Chelsa said...

glad you had a great birthday!! i can't believe it's only 3 weeks til christmas.