Dec 9, 2009

Dentist Update

Yesterday morning I went to the dentist at 8:15. I’m not sure why I thought it was a good idea to make an appointment that early on a day that I had completely off, oh well. My appointment went pretty well. After avoiding the dentist for about 3 years (maybe more, I can’t remember my last appointment), I have no new cavities! :) He did say that I grind my teeth and I have worn down a couple of old fillings I got when I was younger. He said I should get them replaced and I need to come back for a deep cleaning, but that’s it.

The good thing about having an early appointment is that I was able to run a bunch of errands and was home by lunch time. I got a few more Christmas presents bought, returned a few things for Jon and went searching for stamps. The grocery store was out of them, Walgreens was out, and CVS was out. Sigh, I finally stopped by the post office and got some. Our Christmas cards are officially in the mail. :)

It has been rainy here since the weekend so I haven’t been able to talk Jon into putting up our outside lights. It is finally sunny today, so I am hoping I can convince him to do it today or tomorrow, but since he is in training all day, I’m not sure it will happen.

Well since I actually have to go to work for a little while today, I should probably get some things done around the house. Have I mentioned that it is amazing to not have school work to do when I am not at work!! I love it!



Brittney said...

Ack! You just reminded me its been about 3 years since my last dentist appt! Ha. I have been avoiding it too, guess I better get in there. I'm sure I have some work that needs to be done. Haha.

We just moved so I'm finally to pull out my Christmas decorations, but I don't we will be putting any lights up this year :(

Brittney said...
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Chelsa said...

i hate going to the dentist! b and i both had check ups yesterday and we were both cavity free too :) yay for good reports!

i have had my christmas cards addressed for like a month now, but i always avoid the post office so they are still stamp-less... i really need to get on that!