Dec 2, 2009

The Furniture is In!

I got a call today saying that Aedan’s furniture is in! Jon and I both have the afternoon free tomorrow, so I think while we are out getting some Christmas shopping done, we will pick up the furniture.

I can’t wait! I know as soon as we get the furniture set up I will want to jump into decorating the nursery. I may just have to order the bedding set this weekend. :)

Oh and this is random, they are actually calling for snow in Austin this Friday. I have some serious doubts that it will actually snow, and if it by some chance does, it won’t stick. But, it is still exciting that they are calling for such wintery weather so early down here. I happen to have Friday morning off, so I am thinking hot chocolate and a warm blanket will be calling my name.



The Haynes Family said...

we got snow in Dallas this morning! Ahh! I even managed to get a picture of Steven and Jackson all bundled up outside together.

yay furniture!! :)

Chelsa said...

how exciting to be able to pick up the furniture. it will def. make you want to order the bedding!! :) setting up the room is so fun- makes things seem that much more "real" lol!