Dec 30, 2009

Home Sweet Home

I flew back home this morning and it is great to be back. I had a great time with my parents and sister, but I missed my boys! I didn’t get to hang out with everyone I wanted to while in Plano, but I had a great time with my family. It’s hard to believe I will only be going back to Plano one more time before Aedan comes!

When I got home Jon opened his Christmas gifts from my parents. He got some good stuff, including a new pedal for his electric guitar and some juggling size soccer balls so he and Hiro can play soccer in the house (sigh).

After I got everything unpacked we decided to take down the Christmas decorations. It went pretty fast and now our living room feels huge! We ran some errands this afternoon and then just napped the afternoon away.

Now we are home in our usual spots on the couch (including Hiro) and watching the first season of Better Off Ted.

I have to work for a few hours tomorrow morning and then I’m off again until Monday!


1 comment:

Chelsa said...

i love how when you take down all the decorations everything feels so big and spacious and also clean!!