Dec 12, 2009

Parties Galore

Today was a whirl wind of parties. This morning I went to a surprise baby shower for one of the girls I work with. She was sooo surprised! The friend that planned the party told her that it was a birthday party for another friend, so she had no idea it was going to be a baby shower. She was so shocked that she burst into tears as soon as she saw everyone.

After the shower I stopped by the grocery store so I could get the ingredients to make these cupcakes. They turned out great, I’m pretty sure I will be making them again this holiday season.

Tonight we had a Christmas party for my graduate concentration group. It’s so nice to see everyone and their significant others outside of class. Everyone is relaxed and having fun. My professor was nice enough to open her house up and make us all dinner. The food was great and the company was even better. :)

Tomorrow I have a holiday dinner to go to so that makes party number 3 for the weekend.


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