Dec 27, 2009

Change of Plans

Our Christmas plans didn't turn out exactly as planned. In my last post I mentioned that Jon and I were heading to Plano on Christmas afternoon to spend some time with my family. Well on Thursday night Jon and I started watching a movie and surprisingly I did not fall asleep (I am known for falling asleep when we start movies late at night). We were up pretty late and Jon decided to get a midnight snack. He decided to heat up the leftovers from my graduation celebration dinner. Apparently this was a big mistake. He woke up around 4 am with horrible food poisoning.

He was very sick all Christmas day and needless to say, did not feel up to driving to Plano. We finally made the decision that he would have to skip the Plano trip (he was only going to be able to stay until Sunday morning so it didn't make much sense for us to drive up on Saturday. Since I already had a plane ticket to come back from Dallas on Wednesday, we decided I should just fly to Dallas. I booked the last flight on Christmas night, and after a 2 hour delay, I finally made it to Plano around 10:45 pm.

Jon started to feel better Saturday morning, but he was completely worn out. He has spent the weekend, with Hiro, having a movie marathon. Christmas with my family wasn't the same without him, but I'm glad he has gotten to recuperate at home.

Saturday morning I celebrated Christmas with my family. Everyone loved their gifts, although Jon and I bought my parents a chiminea, so they had to settle for a picture of the gift since a chiminea is not something I could pack in a suitcase. :) We hung around the house all day and enjoyed a great meal Saturday night.

Today we all went over to downtown Grapevine and did a little shopping. I got a cute cute diaper bag that was 40% off. I was also able to go spend some time with my best friend Amanda this evening. We stopped by Starbucks and I am now in love with the Carmel Brulee Creme, yum!

I have a pretty full couple of days left in Plano before I head home on Wednesday, and I am sure I won't get in everything I would like to, but it is nice to be spending time with family. I hope everyone has a had a wonderful Christmas and if you have to go back to work tomorrow, hopefully it is only a short week with New Years coming up.


Sorry for the lack of pictures. I didn't bring my nice camera with me so the only pictures I have are from my iphone. Plus I only have my mini computer and it won't run windows live writer. I absolutely can't stand inserting pictures through blogger, it drives me nuts. I'll go back and add pictures when I get home.

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Chelsa said...

glad you had a good christmas w/ your family. hope jon is feeling better- bummer he had to miss out :(