Dec 22, 2009

A Christmas Tradition

Last Christmas Jon and I were doing some shopping on the Drag in Austin. We were looking for a UT alumni shirt for my mom at the Co-op. Unfortunately we didn’t find the shirt, but we decided to stop into Tylers and just look around while we were in the area. 

Tylers is store that sells shoes, shirts and a bunch of other things. If you are in Austin and looking for a cool Austin t-shirt, Tylers is a good place to look.

Last year, while Jon and I were in Tylers, we stumbled upon Sanuks. We each bought a pair and have loved them every since. Seriously I think that Jon has worn his just about every day since.

This year we decided one of our Christmas presents to each other should be another pair of Sanuks (Jon’s are looking pretty worn out). 

This is the pair I got this year.

They are a little more crazy than the plain ones I got last year, but I think they look pretty fun. :)

Jon got two pair (since he wears them pretty much everyday).



These are one of the most comfortable shoes I have ever had. It is like wearing slippers. We love them, which is why buying Sanuks is going to be one of our Christmas traditions.

I can’t wait to buy these for Aedan someday.


*Oh, the only bad thing about Sanuks is their website. We tried to order two different pair and both times we got emails saying they were discontinued or out of stock, lame! Unfortunately for these shoes you have to find them locally. *

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