Dec 17, 2009

Mid Week Update

I got a call from my doctor yesterday and I passed by glucose test. Yay! But she said my iron levels were really low, so I have to start taking an iron supplement twice per day in addition to my prenatal vitamin. I have been feeling tried lately, but I figured it was just because I was pregnant. Maybe I’ll have more energy after I get my iron levels back up to normal. :)

This morning Jon and I ran some errands and got just about all our Christmas shopping done. I have two more gifts to buy but I should have time to get those over the weekend. Now I just need wrap everything we bought today.

My parents and my sister are driving down tomorrow and we are going to celebrate my graduation. I decided not to walk since the ceremony is at 6pm tomorrow night and the thought of spending an hour in traffic getting down to San Marcos one more time just did not sound fun. Plus I am more the go out to dinner with a small group, than celebrating with a big ceremony and lots of people kind of person. I’m looking forward to spending time with everyone tomorrow night! We are going to to try an Italian restaurant on South Congress, head over to Hey Cupcake for dessert and then home for hot chocolate. :)


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jen + ryan said...

thanks! i got that celebration plate from one of those paint your own pottery places... you can find them at a lot of places though!