Dec 10, 2009

Only 100 days to go!


How far along? 25 weeks and 5 days, only 100 days to go!! 
Total weight gain/loss: As of my last appointment I was up 15 lbs. 
Maternity clothes: Pretty much all the time. I found a great pair of jeans that I love from Old Navy, they are still not as good as my pre-maternity jeans and I am quick to put on my comfy pants as soon as I get home, but they work for me. 
Stretch marks: Not yet, but I think I am getting a faint line under my belly button. 
Sleep: I’ve been sleeping really well over the past few weeks, I hope it keeps up.
Best moment this week: Finding out I don’t have any cavities! I know cavities can be bad for the baby yet I still put off going to the dentist during the whole 18 months we were trying. Did I mention that I HATE going to the dentist.  
Movement: Yes! He moves the most in the morning, but I feel him a lot throughout the day.
Food cravings: Still nothing specific, but I feel like I could just eat all the time!  
Gender: Boy
Labor signs: None
Belly button in or out: It’s pretty much flat.
What I miss: Being able to zip up my jackets and coats.
What I am looking forward to: Christmas with family and friends (okay so that doesn’t really have much to do with being pregnant, but that is all I think about right now.
Weekly wisdom: Always have some Tums handy.  
Milestone: Only 100 days to go. :)


P.S. Do you want to add a little falling snow to your blog? It is super easy, just go here. :)


The Haynes Family said...

I miss feeling the movements! awww. Aiden makes the Christmas tree extra cute :)

The Haynes Family said...

Aedan.... sorry ;)

Brittney said...

I love the snow! I have it too. Cute blog design, too!